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Patriotic Education

If we define patriotism as love for the motherland, then any attempts to instill patriotism seem absurd, because love is irrational. I have visited many “patriotic” events, taking this photo essay, and every time I thought: “What is going on?” May be I was able to capture the true love.


Usually, however, patriotism is described as pride for the country and for the success of the state. But only military events and organizations is considered as patriotic, such as military-patriotic center "Cascade" in the village Kelozi. It is located in a former school building. There is shabby monument of pioneer girl in the yard. Pupils arrived at the “Cascade” have been training in hand-to-hand combat, running with airsoft guns, listening about a war, shooting blanks. "Flash from the rear!" – the children fall to the mat. Patriots are raised like that. At the city contest "Eyes on the banners" students with homemade banners walking the assembly hall and training foot drill in gym. It is always helpful.


In my opinion, the role of sport is minimal in the patriotic education. Someone might say that victory of Russian team in a competition raises the degree of patriotism in society. Nonsense! Team won – "Hurrah!", "Can, when they want," team lost – "Noobs!", "Why are they making so much money?" How can patriotism raise at these mood swing?


Accession of the Crimea to Russia caused intense increasing of patriotic feelings. There was a political rally for the anniversary of this occasion. A lot of people has a nostalgia for summer vacation on the Black Sea, someone is happy for no reason about accession.


I suppose, that shooter games have a patriotic influence – you can skydive, blow up tank, lie in ambush. Everything is so awesome, that you want to join the army. But everything is harder, prosaic and tragic in the real world. Parade on the Victory Day reminds us about true patriots.


No one can say that you do not love your homeland, because of your non-standard (standard or vice versa) beliefs. Genuine patriotism is impossible to artificially raise. Patriotic feelings are natural and very personal.

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